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 Thank you for your interest.  A quick word about who we are. At Gagy I.T. Resources, we strive to make technology serve you, instead of becoming a constant stream of stress.  We can help you in all aspects of your I.T. needs, from streamlining the purchasing process and the types of computers that you manage, to helping you design and manage your network, and everything in between.  With 20 years working in I.T. in small to medium businesses and in enterprise/corporate environments, we can leverage our experience to design a solution that works for you.  We can serve as your I.T. department on a monthly contract, or we can supplement your current I.T. department performing the maintenance tasks that distract them from the big picture.  We can even help them to complete projects that are deeper in scope.  Click on the button below to send us a message with what you need and we’ll reply letting you know specifically how we can support you.  We look forward to developing a partnership.